“Your Progress is our Promise” To lead our students to achieve measurable progress in communicative competence, English Domain will provide an interactive and stimulating learning environment based on the use of proven sound methodologies, creative instructional practices, technology-related resources and goals aligned with students’ linguistic, cultural and academic growth.

English Domain is committed to helping students develop a holistic education through various learning methodologies while reaching their true potential. The activities of English Domain are guided by the following principles:
To strengthen continually the effectiveness of lessons and progress assessments to ensure that all individual student needs are well-served so that student retention, completion, and satisfaction rates reflect the benefits of the educational programs provided.
To make communication with all teaching staff integral to the school’s educational services in order to strengthen the school’s commitment to involvement and participation in the educational process by all.
To maintain fair and ethical admissions and enrollment practices in support of the school’s commitment to accrediting standards, student diversity, and cultural understanding.