Course Overview

Lessons per week


Lesson length

45 minutes

Course Duration

1 week –  8 weeks


Monday –  Friday, 09:00 – 14:30 including 2 breaks of 30 min each

Minimum Age


Minimum Entry Level

Beginner (Pre – A1)

Class Size

Avg 6. Max 12

Suitable For

those who would like to improve their English within the limited time span with a particular focus on communication

What you will study

Our Communication Intensive English Language Course gives the learner a great opportunity to work on the fundamental language skills which initially would be the main pillars to build on when it comes to communication.

The Communication Intensive Course includes the General English Course and 10 extra lessons per week particularly focusing on the communication aspect in its depth.

The additional 10 lessons in the Communication Intensive English Course are held in the afternoon and focus on the functional language, expanding vocabulary, improving fluency, confidence-building and speech flow.

Our course participants will benefit from the group size and individual attention from the teaching staff, as the lessons are held in small groups, which helps learners make quick progress throughout their studies.

How you will learn

Throughout the Communication Intensive Language Course learners will be practising oral communication skills, gaining confidence and developing the ability to use English in a variety of contexts such as everyday life scenarios, discussions, role-plays as well as experimenting with different types of language functions by being engaged in group communication activities.

Course participants will learn how to express their interests and opinions, implementing everyday colloquial expressions with the appropriate intonation, discussing popular topics and using the language in the most natural way.

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