Course Overview

Lessons per week

6 – 10

Lesson length

45 minutes

Course Duration

According to student’s level


Monday – Friday, 13.30*

Minimum Age


Minimum Entry Level

A Matriculation standard of education (i.e. sufficient for an entry into a university and recognised at National Qualifications Framework level 4)

Class Size

One-to-one or Mini group

Suitable For

those who do not possess an A-Level in English Language (Grades A to C only) or for those who already have an A- Level in English Language but would like to feel more confident when teaching EFL grammar

What you will study

Our TELT Course prepares learners for the TELT Proficiency Examination held by the ELT Council (formerly the EFL Monitoring Board) of the Department of Education in Malta.

Course Participants will be prepared for the TELT Proficiency Exam by revising grammar – focusing on parts of speech and tenses, punctuation, spelling, functional language, phonology and other areas such as using the correct discourse and register in writing.

A pass mark in this exam is required (in addition to a TEFL Course Certificate) to teach EFL in Malta.

How you will learn

The TELT preparation course will be delivered by highly qualified tutors possessing a vast knowledge of both the English language and EFL teaching.

Learners will practise their comprehension skills as well as consolidate their knowledge in areas of language sensitivity. Writing skills are looked at in depth with particular reference to language proficiency which involves identifying and correcting errors, lexis-word formation and sentence transformations.

For those interested in becoming an EFL teacher, the course will involve mock tests and regular feedback in order to meet the standard of English required in the EFL industry. Lessons involve using the communicative approach exemplifying the benefits of such methodologies when teaching English as a second language.

The TELT language course can be delivered on a part-time basis so that learners can attend, even if they are currently in full-time employment.

Upon application, learners are required to take an initial assessment test in order to calculate the required number of lessons.

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