Course Overview

Lessons per week


Lesson length

45 minutes

Course Duration

6 weeks



Minimum Age


Minimum Entry Level

Pre-Intermediate (A2)

Class Size


Suitable For

those who would like use English effectively at their workplace

What you will study

Our English for Work course is specifically designed for those learners who are intended to use English in an everyday working life.

This includes networking, dealing with customers, communicating by telephone, emailing, holding meetings with colleagues, giving presentations, attending interviews and simply managing  time more efficiently.

Throughout the course the following topics are going to be covered:

• The Work Environment
• The Organisation and Recruitment
• Giving presenations
• Conducting meetings
• Globalisation and Cultural awareness
• Telephone and e-mail etiquette
• Qualities of good leadership
• Ethics at work
• Carrying out negotiations

The course consists of 24 lessons spread over 6 weeks (3 hours per week) and held in the evening which gives learners a great opportunity to have a job and attend the course during the evening hours.

How you will learn

Throughout our English for Work Programme course participants will learn how to communicate more fluently and effectively in English, use work-related vocabulary, deal with correspondence and have productive phone conversations.

Throughout the lessons learners will also build their confidence when it comes to participating in meeting, discussing future plans, timetables, deadlines, making and changing appointments.

The course will give an insight of how to express opinions diplomatically, give apologies, explanations, advice, suggestions and reccommendations.

Our English for Work Course  will provide learners with a great opportunity to work more successfully in a cross-cultural society and feel comfortable while expressing themselves in work-related situations.

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