Managing Customer Value & Experience                                      Course Overview

Course duration

18 hours

Lesson length

6 sessions of 3 hours each

Course fee

The aim of this Course is to provide learners with background knowledge and understanding of how hospitality businesses manage the customer experience from the initial needs analysis through to after sales follow-up.

During the course, learners will be able to map the journey that a customer makes through a hospitality business, identifying crucial touch points and recognising how these touch points can be managed to optimise the customer’s experience.

Learners will consider how technology is changing the way customers interact with hospitality businesses and how digital initiatives should complement existing customer journeys whist recognising that online and offline consumers are distinctly different. Learners can then use this knowledge to provide customer service both within business and services and on-line contexts to meet required standards.

At the end of the course all students will be given certificates and transcripts.