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Nancy Katsikari  

DELTA (Level 7 QCF); CELTA (Level 5 QCF); Master of Science in Management and Organisation of Educational Units (MSc); Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature (BA).

I am the Director of Studies at English Domain and over the past eleven years I have been working in the EFL Industry in Malta, the UK and Greece teaching students in different contexts and leading academic teams, which has helped me broaden my knowledge and grow both professionally and as an individual.

I consider myself an energetic and caring teacher who will go the extra mile in order to help students reach their full potential and achieve their goals. The implementation of innovative methods in combination with taking into consideration the students’ individual needs has always been my priority as a teacher and as a Director of Studies.

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and new tastes more than anything else and in my opinion good friends are the best company for any adventure!



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