Course Overview

Lessons per week


Lesson length

1 hour

Course Duration

3 months



Minimum Age


Minimum Entry Level

English: Pre-Intermediate (A2)

Class Size


Suitable For

those who would like to imrove their conversational English and Maltese

What you will study

Our English for Expats Course is designed with Expats in mind.  Whether it is for work, out of curiosity, for academic interest or just to understand the local culture more, this course will help individuals learn how to communicate more effectively and help them become part of the local community.

The course gives the learner a solid foundation of the core language aspects with a particular focus on using English and Maltese naturally,  as well as developing grammar and vocabulary.

The course provides the essential structures and broadens vocabulary which is used in everyday life situations.

Throughout the course the following topics will be covered:

  • Greetings
  • Asking for information
  • Getting around/asking for directions
  • Shopping for clothes
  • At the supermarket
  • At the restaurant/café
  • At the bank
  • At the hotel
  • At the dentist/doctor
  • Making arrangements
  • Interviewing
  • Giving opinions

Our course participants will benefit from the group size and individual attention from the teaching staff, as the lessons are held in small groups, which helps learners make quick progress throughout their studies.

How you will learn

Lessons are conducted using our Communicative  Learning Approach and delivered with the help of a wide range of lesson materials, modern teaching methodologies and technology to ensure that the learning experience in both languagues is engaging and effective.

Throughout the course learners will also maximize their ability to use all the functional language they know and implement it in their everyday life.

They will be introduced to the essential grammar points, will learn how to use the functional languague: requests, accepting, refusing, offers, apologizing, complaining, inviting and widen their vocabulary and pay attention to pronunciation.

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