Course Overview

Lessons per week

6 – 10

Lesson length

45 minutes

Course Duration

Min. 8 weeks / 10-13 weeks recommended


Monday – Friday, 13.00 – 14.30*

Minimum Age


Minimum Entry Level

Intermediate (B1)

Class Size


Suitable For

those who would like to prove their proficiency in the English Language

What you will study

Our CPE Exam Preparation Course caters for learners who do not need to study any grammar rules as the basics have already been covered.

Learners will practise all four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking and become familiar with the exam structure.   They will improve their comprehension skills by focusing on key information and developing the skill of contextualisation.  Speaking exercises in simulated exam conditions will be carried out with particular attention to discourse and pronunciation.  In areas such as writing, participants will learn how to structure an academic essay relating to various topics covered in past exams.

The Exam Preparation Course consists of 20 General English group lessons in the morning to improve on all the main language aspects such as listening, speaking, reading and writing skills before focusing on the exam structure in the afternoon.

The minimum course recommended duration to achieve the required band is 8 weeks, however, while deciding on the course duration, the current level of a student has to be taken into account.

How you will learn

Throughout our CPE Exam Preparation Course, our tutors will guide and assist learners in every possible way to ensure that they achieve their maximum potential, and increase the chances of a pass. They will also help course participants improve specific skills involved in each and every language aspect, as they are very different and more complex than in other exams, such as answering random questions, speculating, negotiating, comparing and disagreeing.

Learners will also get an understanding of what writers are trying to communicate in newspaper articles and magazines and develop the ability to express themselves about a wide range of topics during the limited time span.

Course participants can sit for the exam in Malta or in their own country. Applications to sit for these exams are handled separately from the English Language courses and passed on to the Examination Centres.

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