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Level 6

ECTS Credits


Duration of Study Programme

1-2 Academic Years

Awarding Body

University of Derby


September, January & May

Malta/EU Price


Course description

This International Hospitality Business Management BA (Hons) Top-Up will provide you with a range of opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge essential to the contemporary hospitality industry, as well as expertise in specific areas of management. You will also develop strategic plans that can respond to the changing demands within the international hospitality environment

To achieve this top-up degree you will need to complete four core modules and choose two optional modules in your preferred areas.

The learning outcomes you will acquire from the programme are dependent on which modules you choose. The information below represents what you should achieve regardless of module choice.

Knowledge and Understanding:

You will obtain knowledge and understanding of:

  • the strategic operation and management of human and technical resources;
  • the importance of diverse customers and articulate strategies to meet and respond to their needs;
  • current affairs related to the global hospitality workforce and techniques to develop your skills;
  • the moral, ethical and legal issues underpinning good management practice;
  • the nature and parameters of research in an academic piece of work.

Intellectual Skills:

You will acquire and develop the intellectual skills which will enable you to:

  • critically assess and evaluate phenomena in the hospitality business context;
  • critically interpret data and text in the analysis of the business problems;
  • analyse information and present a flexible and reflective response to problem solving within the hospitality context;
  • articulate your idea in a structured manner using electronic means of communication.

Subject Specific Skills:

You will acquire and develop the subject specific skills which will enable you to:

  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the forces influencing the development of the international hospitality industry;
  • analyse and evaluate food, beverage and/or accommodation service systems, their implementation and operation;
  • develop strategic plans that respond to the diversity that prevails in the international hospitality industry; giving consideration to stakeholders as well as moral, ethical and legal issues;

Evaluate the role of core management functions as they apply to the contemporary hospitality industry and their contribution to quality and performance.

Transferable Skills:

You will acquire and develop the transferable skills that will enable you to:

  • express ideas you have obtained through written and audio/visual work in effective and confident manners;
  • work effectively both individually and as a part of group;
  • apply a range of statistical and numerical skills to management information;
  • effectively use a range of Information Technology e.g. Web and Internet, databases, spread sheets and word processing;
  • manage your time successfully, setting appropriate and achievable goals;
  • engage in personal and professional development

What you will study

You will study modules such as:

  • Leadership and Management in Context
  • Management Research Project
  • Managing Cultural Issues in Service Delivery
  • Strategic Hospitality Operation Management

Choose two from the following:

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Business Psychology
  • Global Business Environment
  • Enterprise, Innovation and Strategy
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Managing Service Quality

How you will learn

This programme is delivered with a flexible classroom-based method, through a variety of course materials, case studies, discussions, presentations, enquiry-based learning and problem-solving activities. We provide you with key reading and research activities, and you will make the most of our own teaching portal.

Method of Assessment

Modules are typically assessed through one or more coursework assignments. Depending on the nature of a given coursework assignment, you will be given the assignment specification at the beginning of the module for hand-in at the end of the module. Normally, you receive feedback on coursework within three weeks of submission or completion.

Modules also provide ample opportunities for formative feedback to guide you in your learning. A common approach is for activities to be set based on the content of an unit and then provide you with the opportunity to discuss this work in discussions. The feedback may be in groups or to you individually.

Coursework assignments may involve essays, reports, projects, answering or reflecting on questions, or various combinations of these submitted as a portfolio of work. Coursework assignments may be individual or collaborative (i.e., involve group work).

Some may be based entirely on material covered in the units or others may require independent research.

Entry requirements

  • An HND or Foundation degree in a relevant subject; and
  • A minimum of 6 months working in the hospitality industry on a full-time basis.
  • If you have extensive industry experience at supervisory or management level but do not meet the academic entry criteria above, your application may still be considered.
  • If English is not your first language, you will need: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

Students should produce copies of certificates, full CV in EuroFormat and passport-size photo.

Fees & funding

Current Fees

Full-time Part-time
Malta/EU €7,900 €7,900

Get Qualified

Refund through Get Qualified Scheme: €5,530*

Net amount: €2,370*

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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