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Level 3

ECTS Credits


Duration of Study Programme

30 hours

Awarding Body

ECDL Malta



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Course description

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), known as ICDL outside Europe, is the global standard in end-user computer skills, offering Candidates an internationally recognised certification that is supported by governments, computer societies, international organisations and commercial corporations globally.

ECDL Standard is a test of practical skills and competencies and consists of seven separate modules covering computer theory and practice.

What you will study

ECDL Standard consists of two categories of modules:

  • Base modules are the building blocks for digital literacy, describing essential skills and knowledge.
  • Intermediate modules allow individuals to build their digital competence, depending on their needs
  • Computer Essentials
  • Online Essentials
  • Wordprocessing
  • Spreadsheets
  • IT Security
  • Presentation
  • Using Database

How you will learn

This programme is delivered with a flexible classroom-based method, through a variety of course materials, case studies, discussions, presentations, enquiry-based learning and problem-solving activities. We provide you with key reading and research activities, and you will make the most of our own teaching portal.

Method of Assessment

All ECDL tests (except for 2D CAD) are undertaken on automated testing software at an accredited ECDL test centre. Candidates undertake a test on a computer, which then automatically assesses the candidates’ performance, and provides immediate pass/fail feedback to both the centre and the candidates.

When candidates purchase certification tests from a Test Centre they will be provided with official ECDL Foundation courseware for the relevant module test/s purchased. There shall be no charge for this courseware. An appropriate fee may however be charged by the Test Centre to recover the costs associated with the provision of printed or electronic versions of the courseware.

The duration of each test (except for 2D CAD) is 45 minutes. No books or other help may be used during the tests.

The pass mark for each module is set to be 75%.

The four (4) Base module tests and three (3) Intermediate module tests may be taken in any sequence and at any time in any accredited ECDL test centre. Candidates can transfer to other Test Centres to do the tests. There are no fees associated with the transfer of candidates between Test Centres.

Candidates can sit for ECDL tests at their own pace without time constraints.

Candidates failing ECDL tests are allowed to retake different test versions of the same module at ANY ECDL accredited Test Centre. Candidates are encouraged to liaise with the Test Centre to sit for diagnostic (mock) tests before taking tests.

Entry requirements

A basic knowledge of using Computer technologies is needed.

Students should produce copies of certificates, full CV in EuroFormat and passport-size photo.

Fees & funding

Current Fees

Full-time Part-time
Malta/EU €210 €210

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